Stainless Steel Springs 2018-09-30

Our focus as ever is to offer quality products that meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

Custom Compression Springs
1: Wire diameters from .0.05 to 16mm
2: Outside diameters either constant, tapered, convex or concave
3: Springs can have loading characteristics that are either constant or variable
4: We are specialists in precision end grinding to ensure accurate seating in your spring application.

Single Torsion Spring
Wire sizes from 0.05 to 16mm
Wide variety of leg lengths, shapes, anchoring configurations and coil diameters.
In-house shot peening available to improve fatigue life of your spring.

Custom Extension Spring
Wire size from 0.05 to 16mm
End types available are machine, swivel, crossover and extended hook designs
Winamac Coil Spring specializes in custom hook configurations fabricated to individual customer requirements

Wire Forms
Untempered wire up to 0.05mm & tempered materials up to 16mmm
Roll and cut threading, staking, punching and swaging of wireforms provide additional service to your design needs.
Winamac Coil Spring verifies our manufactured wireforms to your 3-D models with our CMM.

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Custom Stainless Steel SpringsCustom Stainless Steel SpringsCustom Stainless Steel SpringsCustom Stainless Steel Springs

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